The Crew

Namaste !! Hello !!

Welcome back guys. Here, I am, with a new game, with a new excitement, with a new racing experience. So, lets hear another one from Ubisoft – The Crew.

So basically, it’s a racing,arcade game from Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflections , published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with an Xbox 360 port being developed by Asobo Studio.

The Crew is an open and persistent world for racing across the United States. It takes about 45 minutes to drive from coast to coast in-game. Well, The single-player campaign is 20 hours long, and entails infiltrating criminal groups with protagonist Alex Taylor (Troy Baker). Moving on to the “Plot”, the story beings with Alex Taylor being pursued by local law enforcement, he receives a call from Harry who wants him to participate in a race in Detroit.

After losing the cops, he finds the Camaro that Harry loans him. Harry explains to him that Alex’s older brother Dayton wants to speak with him. Alex participates and wins the race that Harry had told him about. After his win, Dayton arrives and orders Alex to drive him to the bridge. Once there, Dayton tells him to keep his head down. A vehicle pulls up, Dayton goes and talks with the driver before walking back to the Camaro however before he can get there, the driver he had just spoken to shoots him and drives off. Alex rushes to Dayton’s side as the police arrive. The police restrain Alex as Dayton dies. Alex is charged and later convicted of Dayton’s murder by Special Agent Coburn and is sent to prison.

5 years later, An FBI agent by the name of Zoe pays a visit to Alex in prison and claims that she can help him clear his name. Zoe explains that she is after “Shiv” the king of the 510 motor club and rogue FBI agent Coburn who was the man that put Alex in prison. Zoe also reveals that Shiv is Dayton’s true killer and that he can help her put him and Coburn behind bars. Alex accepts the deal and agrees to help Zoe. After exiting prison, Zoe hooks him with a car that he can use. And believe me guys, there’s a lot to it.


Development :

The Ivory Tower development team includes former Eden Games employees, and is receiving assistance from Ubisoft Reflections. The game plans to use the new consoles’ social and cooperative play features.

On 13 August 2014, Ubisoft confirmed that the game will be released on the Xbox 360 the same date as the other versions, with Asobo Studio leading the development and Ivory Tower, Ubisoft Reflections and Ubisoft Shanghai providing support.The reason Ubisoft is porting the game to the Xbox 360 but aren’t doing so for Wii U and PlayStation 3 is because the Xbox 360 is closer to “new-gen’ technical infrastructure”. The Crew used Babel as its video game engine modified with Ivory Tower’s proprietary tools.

And guys, honestly , don’t know much about it either. But yeah, a friend recommended me this cool game, must play !!!  So folks, thanks to that mahn. I can tell ya guys..Well, I think there’s an end to everything. Have a great day. So long!

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