Let’s Get Started – An Intro

Namaste !  Hello !

Welcome to my world! …I’m not doing autographs today. But yeah, a small blog describing ME!! Before beginning, just want to let you know that I’m a bit more frank in writing stuffs so my blogs are gonna be little informal ! Yeah.. so to the little guys out there…here I am, and there you are!! I am, Mr. Dhrumil Shah ,a 17 year old from India. Umm…recently, I am pursuing my computer engineering diploma course from Thakur Polytechnic. Secured agg. 78 % in first year,currently in 2nd year,of course. My life is all about Football and Games. I’d rather not imagine a life without it. I live in Mumbai,India. Well, this was my short intro. So, now , let’s cut the red tape and finally get down to business !!

A random pic of mine :-


I ask you guys, yes, I’m talking to the gamers out there…do we have a perfect platform to share our thoughts on games?? I say,no. And so, I thought I could be of some help to the gamers and myself too…and here we are !! Booted my lappy on, thought about creating my own blog(only for gamers and games)…putting up everything that I wanted people to know about different games. Sniff….sniff…do I smell curiosity??  You guys must be bored till now…so to make it a little interesting, how about you answer my question and make your mind go BOOOOM!!!!  

I know that playing games is cool…but you should trust me on this, that developing a game and calling it our “OWN GAME” is way too cooler than the same. I’ve started with a great idea on developing games. Different platforms. Different concepts. More on that,later. The question is, who wants to make games on Android, IOS,Consoles,etc.?? The feeling of calling it my own game is like being on “CLOUD 1000000 !!! ” . Yeah,yeah …hold your horses !!! It’s not too easy to develop a game….either in android,IOS or ant other platforms…but yeah,it’s not that tough too!!  Believe me guys…it’s no joke..!! I’ve known what it feels to tell people that, “Yeah, you see this?? It’s my own conceptual game !! I MADE IT !! Isn’t it amazing?? ” Developing a game needs patience,perseverance and yeah of course the talent !!!! 

A SPECIAL NOTE : Every person living in this world can develop games,so, it isn’t anything like “Hell,what ?? Games ?? It’s not my CUP OF TEA” !! Have faith in yourself and rock it..!!  

But, it doesn’t mean that I won’t be entertaining other people by updating more on games and letting people and me too know about cool stuffs….Anybody interested in joining my team….here you go..!! You may become a programmer, artist, a game designer or a database manager ,etc . Have Interest ,ring me up…!! (have a look at CONTACT DETAILS)

UPCOMING BLOG : Next blog is gonna be about the game Watch Dogs…Stay Tune !! 

 And guys…I really want people to know about this wonderful website so that unknown people become known !! So, spread the word guys!!! Ending my first blog here….this is Dhrumil Shah, thanks folks for your valuable time!! 


Email ID     :    dhrumilshah49@gmail.com

Mobile No  :    +91 9769777901


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